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Chief Executive Officer - LTACH

Jonesboro, Arkansas
Organization:Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro
Career Type:Employee
Reports To:Regional Vice President, Post-Acute Services
Role Description:

Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro is a 44-bed free standing Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) facility slated to begin accepting patients in the 3rd Quarter of 2017. Located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro is managed by CHC ContinueCARE and is specifically licensed to provide care for critically ill patients who require daily physician and staff attention for complex medical issues.


Principal Accountability

The CEO provides leadership, strategic guidance and management direction to all aspects of the hospital’s operations while ensuring compliance with the hospital’s mission, vision, values, goals, strategic direction, and applicable laws and regulations.


The CEO is accountable for safe and quality patient care, developing and managing to a financially sound annual operating budget and long-term capital expenditure plan, hiring and retaining qualified and productive staff, managing risk, leading performance improvement, and maintaining effective relationships with Boards, medical staff, patients, employees, the community and the corporate office.


Major Responsibilities

• Establishes and communicates a clear and compelling vision. All stakeholders should know the hospital’s mission, vision, and priorities.

• Works with Board, senior management team, physicians and staff to develop, implement, and update strategies and opportunities for growth and improvement to support the hospital’s mission and respond to external and internal issues.

• Ensures the Governing Board is fully informed of the conduct of the hospital by submitting periodic written reports and by attending meetings of the Governing Body; conducting interdepartmental meetings at regular intervals and maintaining minutes of the meetings; preparing an annual operating budget of anticipated income and expected expenditures; and preparing a capital expenditure plan for at least a three year period.

• Is responsible for the operational, strategic, financial and clinical performance of the hospital.

• Provides for a system of control which clearly identifies deviations from plans and budgets; assure periodic comparison of performance and/or results against established standards for objectives; and assure corrective actions for deviation from plans so that annual results are in line with strategic goals.

• Maintains the hospital’s compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements.


Operations Management:

• Collects and analyzes data from internal and external sources regarding current way of doing business and clinical processes.

• Conducts needs analysis, identifies and prioritizes needs, applies good problem solving skills.

• Identifies alternate processes and potential solutions and acts to implement changes to improve operations.

Safety and Quality of Care:

• Leads and maintains a culture of safety and quality including a safe functional environment.

• Provides opportunities for all who work in the hospital to identify safety and/or quality issues, bring issues to management’s attention, and participate in safety and quality initiatives and planning.

Financial Management:

• Oversees the preparation and management of annual operating budget of anticipated income and expected expenditures, project budget and capital expenditure budget for at least a three year period.

• Ensures the utilization of sound accounting systems, treasury activities, risk management, financial controls, productivity measures, reimbursement principles and contracting.

• Meets budget-critical financial metrics.

• Effectively negotiates third-party contracts.

• Provides stewardship of all financial resources.

Human Resources:

•Ensures the availability of adequate numbers of competent staff (including physicians and contract labor) that are properly credentialed, educated, trained, motivated and engaged.

• Directs performance management systems including policies/practices for providing timely feedback, recognizing excellence and dealing with problem behavior and poor performance.

Information Management:

• Ensures effective collection, categorization, filing, management, privacy, confidentiality, security, redundancy, retrieval and reporting capabilities of all data and information used by the hospital.

• Guides the development of plans for meeting the growing demands of information management and the development of information technology especially relevant to healthcare.

Medical Staff:

• Collaborates with the Medical Staff to identify and resolve issues affecting the provision of overall patient care in the Hospital.

• Fosters open and effective communication between patients, nursing and medical staff to resolve problems and remove barriers to physicians admitting and referring patients to the hospital.

• Promotes harmonious relationships among nursing, medical staff, patients and the public.

High performance culture:

• Conveys CHC/hospital’s values and acceptable behavior to all stakeholders through own actions.

• Creates an organizational climate that encourages teamwork, builds employee engagement, collaborates, accepts accountability, and produces quality results while inspiring individual and organizational excellence.

Internal Communication and Relationship:

• Demonstrates effective interpersonal relations including influencing/persuading at all levels inside the hospital and corporation.

• Builds rapport and trust with team through frequent/timely communication.

• Conducts interdepartmental meetings at regular intervals and maintains minutes of the meetings.

• Develops and maintains effective medical staff relationships.

• Seeks input from stakeholders and anticipates and addresses concerns.

• Contributes to the creation of a culture of communication.

External Communication and Relationship:

• Works with community leaders as appropriate to assess community healthcare needs, build a positive hospital image and market hospital services.

• Actively participates in his/her community through civic and other service.

• Demonstrates appropriate political savvy, tact and diplomacy.

Talent Development:

• Wants people to develop. Accurately assesses developmental needs and provides frequent feedback, coaching, and personal development opportunities.

• Faces up to performance and behavior problems quickly and directly.

• Does not shy from providing timely corrective feedback.

• Takes action promptly to remove talent that is non-responsive to coaching and developmental activity.


• Sets clear, consistent goals and expectations.

• Holds self and others accountable for decisions and actions.

• Demands high performance. Is reliable, keeps commitments, and delivers results. Creates an ownership culture.

Champion for Change:

• Speaks out for change and helps staff understand reasons for, and benefits from, change.

• Makes change real for individuals. Links change to work processes and involves stakeholders in the change process. Follows through on change initiatives. Communicates constantly with all affected by change.

• Establishes personal and professional credibility and an environment of trust, candor and genuine two way communications.

• Serves as a positive role model and mentor. Provides hospital operations coaching or mentoring.

• Attracts and retains physicians; maintain high levels of physician satisfaction.

• Implements Board education and development programs through internal and external resources.

• Takes a proactive approach to managed care, healthcare reform and related issues.

• Develops new business opportunities.

• Participates in and represent CHC/hospital in professional, civic, and service organizations.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

• Manages subordinate leader(s) who supervise employee(s) and/or supervise individual contributors as appropriate.

• Defines and communicates performance expectations.

• Plans, assigns and directs work: follows up to assesses achievement of results.

• Evaluates performance; coaches employees on an ongoing basis and takes developmental action as needed.

• Rewards and recognizes notable performance.

• Addresses complaints, resolves problems and addresses unacceptable behavior promptly.

• Attracts, develops and retains talent.

• Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with hospital’s policies and applicable laws.


• Master’s Degree in a health care related field such as MHA/MBA/MPH/MS, or a BS in a health care related field with a business related masters, or the equivalent in education and experience.

• 5-7 years’ progressively more responsible experience at the senior administrative level. LTACH or similar experience required. CEO experience generally required. COO experience is preferred.

• Must have a track record of effective operational, financial, business development, and strategic skills.

• Must have a track record of proactively developing positive relationships with physicians, employees, Board members and community leaders. 


• Ability to enhance a quality of care environment, positive clinical outcomes and a high level of patient, physician and employee satisfaction

• Ability to lead, mentor and cultivate a talented management team and achieve results through others

• Proficient knowledge of all related post-acute care legal, regulatory and financial requirements

• Ability to create and maintain a positive community image

• Ability to define goals and develop strategic opportunities for the betterment of the hospital.

• Ability to communicate openly, effectively with multiple audiences

• Ability to be diplomatic and possess a high degree of political savvy

• Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities and work independently and produce quality results

• Ability to identify and resolve operational and administrative problems at both a strategic and functional level

• Ability to be trustworthy and possess and utilize a core set of ethical values

• Proficient knowledge to understand and apply the concepts, terminology, programs and processes unique to the post-acute healthcare industry

• Proficient interpersonal and communication skills with a strong customer service to others orientation

• Proficient PC skills

• Possess sound and accurate judgment and timely decision making


We offer a competitive base salary plus an annual incentive pay package with a maximum potential payout of 30% along with an excellent benefits program. Paid relocation will be provided if needed.


Community Hospital Corporation (CHC), a not-for-profit corporation, was created in 1996 to preserve the not-for-profit status of community-based health care organizations. Our mission is to guide, support and enhance the mission of community hospitals and healthcare providers.


CHC established CHC ContinueCare, LLC, our post-acute care organization, to advance our mission of preserving and protecting the control of community-based hospitals. CHC ContinueCare provides a wide range of services, including the development and management of long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) and acute rehabilitation programs.


In today’s evolving regulatory environment, LTACHs and acute rehabilitation programs offer an effective operational model that provides phenomenal care while reducing the cost of lengthy hospital stays in acute care environments.


Facilities and organizations currently benefiting from involvement with CHC ContinueCare include:

Carolinas ContinueCARE Hospital at Kings Mountain, Kings Mountain, NC

ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Madisonville, Madisonville, KY

Carolinas ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah, Paducah, KY

ContinueCARE Hospital at Palmetto Health Baptist Health, Columbia SC

ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin, Corbin, KY

ContinueCARE Hospital at Hendrick Medical Center, Abilene, TX

ContinueCARE Hospital at Medical Center, Odessa, TX

ContinueCARE Hospital at Midland Memorial, Midland, TX

Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital, Tyler, TX 

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Advancing Community Hospitals for Two Decades