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Advancing Community Hospitals



Partnering and Organizational Alternatives


Financial pressures and other forces are causing community-based hospitals nationwide to consider the pros and cons of forming a relationship with a larger institution. CHC Consulting helps hospital boards assess whether a partnership is desirable or inevitable, and if so, what type of partnership is most advantageous.


CHC Consulting conducts a thorough evaluation of a hospital's cost structure and operations to make critical determinations:

  • Are there cost-saving opportunities that will empower the hospital to maintain total independence?
  • Can the hospital transfer management responsibility to another organization while maintaining its independence?
  • Is a partnership arrangement, such as an affiliation or a merger, the best course of action?
  • Have financial difficulties reached the point where it's necessary to find a buyer vs. a partner?

When partnering is the recommended path, CHC Consulting helps hospital boards make sense of all the different types of partnership arrangements that are available. CHC Consulting then guides boards through the process of finding suitable partners and prepares them to negotiate the relationship to their best advantage.


This process enables community-based hospitals to stay in the game and, at its best, brings about the proverbial win-win situation.


For more information on working with CHC to identify the right partnership option for your organization, download our Pondering a Partnership? Solutions summary.

Notable Quotes:

I’ve never seen a group of people so totally enthusiastic about fulfilling their mission. We’ve been very pleased with our collaboration with CHC.

Elorine Sitka

Board Member

Yoakum Community Hospital

Yoakum, Texas

Advancing Community Hospitals